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Polo Tournaments
We will be glad to invite you to a polo tournament

About Polo Tournaments

We participate in many well-known polo tournaments across London and invite our key clients to take part in this fascinating game with us. The tournaments are usually held in August and September.

Our clients can be sure they will get the best service and remain satisfied.

Music festivals
Your guide to London’s music festivals

A new festival season is getting closer. If you want to find something interesting, we can provide you with a guide to music festivals in London and its outskirts planned for 2018.

If you want to organise a music festival yourself, our team can help you do it since the top management of our company has the experience in organising music festivals in London.

London's Lifestyle
We will help you spend your leisure time within your area of residence

London’s lifestyle is vigorous and pleasurable. However, when you buy a new house in an unfamiliar area of London, there is not much you know about ways to spend your free time there. Ready Flats will gladly suggest you different options. Once we know your and your family’s preferences, we can share our suggestions for you to spend your free time the way you like. Those include amazing festivals, concerts, clubs, restaurants, pubs, tennis, croquet, golf and polo clubs, theatres, and cinemas.

Our clients can be sure they will get the best service and remain satisfied.

Immigration Consulting

General Consulting

UK immigration consultants advise both corporate and individual clients on UK immigration law, current practices around immigration, and the application procedure for business or individuals looking to get started in the UK.

Whether you are planning to come to the UK or you are already living here intending to extend your permission to stay, our UK immigration consultants can provide professional advice on viable immigration solutions.

Services Offered
  • 1. Educational Counselling
  • 2. Course Selection
  • 3. University Selection
  • 4. Offers & Admissions
  • 5. Visa Assistance
  • 6. Scholarship Assistance
  • 7. Study Abroad Loan Assistance
  • 8. Post-Arrival Services
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Business Consulting
General Consulting
Our experts will gladly consult you on real estate matters

Ready Flats team consults our clients on various matters related to real estate, including renting, buying, letting, and selling a property. Having a years-long experience in this field, our experts are aware of various pitfalls an average person would struggle to avoid. We receive a lot of feedback from our satisfied clients, and this makes us believe we will not leave any of our new clients face-to-face with their concerns.

Property Investment
Investing in property is easy at last

We work with investors to find new properties, buy-to-let opportunities, and properties for redevelopment. As the company of choice for a wide range of private investors, we have a proven track record of private, secure and successful investments. We currently have more than 20 residential property investment projects across London, and we’re always looking to expand.

Transport & Security


Ready Flats can provide a client with exclusive transport service, which means we will meet you anywhere in London, even at a nearby airport, to get you to the place of viewing. Our experienced team will plan an optimal route to and from the properties the client is interested in. A client can choose the level of comfort or even the brand of a car.


Ready Flats can provide a client with a bodyguard service. We hire only highly professional specialists with years of experience. Our clients in London are mainly well-off individuals coming from all over the world. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed, so there is no need to worry if you are a well-known figure.

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