600Sq Ft

1 Beds

1 Baths

Holland Park 1.4 km, 5 mins

Design Museum 0.3 km, 2 mins

W8 6LU

3 Photos
Key Details
Ownership type Flat
Garages no-garage
Property Area 600 Sq Ft
Floors 1
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Building Type Lowrise
Building Age Post-war
Maintenance £0 / month
Listing Description

Majestic quarters

The polished streets and verdant surrounds of Holland Park II will set your expectations high. Inside this elegant home, they’ll be more than met. Silken drapes, marble features, and antique pieces hark back to a more decadent era, and oriental rugs and plump cushions in red and gold are bright against the muted twinkle of the collection of crystal decanters. However, before you settle on the sitting room’s generous sofa, take a moment to appreciate the well-kept garden. You may also wish to pause at the wrought iron table on the communal lawn.

High-toned habits

Your host is a frequent traveller, but her love of the arts draws her regularly back to London’s cultured streets. When she’s not scouring the local galleries for additional pieces to add to her collection, she’s attending the theatre or opera nearby.

Stately chambers

Extraordinary is the watchword here – from the bold features to the finer details. The master bedroom’s curtained four-poster and gilded cabinet are impressive. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find delicate china crockery sitting pretty on the kitchen’s countertops and a cosy breakfast nook with seating for two. Beyond this home’s grand entrance, there’s more finery to be found. Scenic Holland Park, renowned Portobello Road Market, and many amusements of the West End are all just around the corner.

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£385 per night
£1,670 per week (fees apply)


Holland Park, London, United Kingdom

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, United Kingdom
An upscale neighborhood with affluent roots.
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Design Museum

0.3 km, 2 mins

Holland Park

1.4 km, 5 mins

Kensington (Olympia)

1.2 km, 6 mins

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