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Whether you’re ready to sell your property or you're still thinking about it, we’ll provide you with data and analysis report specific to your area.
As a private luxury real estate brokerage, we hire selectively to ensure your agent is a trusted expert.
Working with our in-house marketing and advertising agency, our property experts will target prospective buyers using the most effective online and offline channels.
Our cohesive brand identity will elevate the style and story of your property.
Strategy Consulting
Legal Guidance
Marketing Your Property
Managing Offers
Closing a Deal

Keep in touch with experienced real estate agents to explore your selling options: pricing, marketing, and the kind of management service you want for your property.

Our specialists will save you from the trouble of sorting out all kinds of legal aspects of selling a property. We will also help you deal with all the necessary documentation.

Ready Flats marketing department will advertise landlords’ properties in the right way to get the best price.

Ready Flats makes it easier for a landlord to choose among the offers received after effective advertising. We help you analyse those offers and pick the best one.

Closing a deal is a rather complicated business that requires proper experience and time. We help our clients get through this stage of selling a property without much trouble.

Ready Flats is about choosing the right service for you. That’s why we offer a range of services for sellers, including everything from listing your property to carrying out repairs before the sale.
1% + VAT

Sole agency

1.5% + VAT

Multiple agency

Other Optional Fees:

See below for a sample list of optional fees and services. Please, contact us for a quote on any additional arrangements.

- Energy Performance Certificate: £75
- Property Floor Plan: £65

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

If the right buyer doesn’t come along, we can let your property for up to half a year.
We know our business and our markets like no one else. Every year, we help thousands of clients and customers buy, sell, let, rent, and manage their properties.

We offer the lowest prices if you work only with us.

Therefore, you pay less for a better service.

We work with Zoopla and Rightmove, just like other agencies,
but we charge you less.

Ready Flats is a member of the Property Ombudsman and Deposit Protection Scheme.

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Sell a property in London easy and fast

Thinking of selling your property?

Generally, peоple want to sell their house or flat quickly and at a high price. In the majоrity of such cases, the house selling process is nоt getting easier. Rather, new challenges and issues arise, and everything becоmes even more complex.

People can have various reasоns for selling their home – mоving to a calmer area, moving due to change of job, health issues, оr financial problems. In fact, the number of active listings dramatically increases every week in London. Many sellers ask the same question – “How to sell my house quickly?” As a seller, you should not be one of the stumped sellers whose properties linger on the market for months to come. Therefore, our experienced specialists at Ready Flats has prepared useful tips for you if you are intending to sell your home quickly.

Therefore, take a look at these selling house steps:

Improve the exterior and interior of your property

Obviously, the excellent curb appeal can help you sell your house. Contrariwise, if your property is not attractive visually, potential buyers may not even walk through the front door. In addition, clean up the interior of your home and try to neutralise it. Buyers are generally looking for a blank canvas in order to give a new personality to their new home.

Price your property wisely

Nowadays, many home sellers seem to value their property well above their market value. If you are eager to sell a house fast, you should think realistically – do not ask for too much. Look at the prices of houses in your street or ask reputable real estate professionals for their opinion.

Put your property on the market in spring or fall

Indeed, spring and fall is the prime time for many house hunters. What is interesting, selling a house with furniture might be an appealing factor for the buyer too.

Get your property inspected

Regardless of the costs involved, this is a decent way to show uncertain buyers that your home is in excellent condition.

Do not underestimate the use of the Internet

The Internet has transformed the house selling process. Potential home buyers do no longer need to visit the property personally to get all the information on it. Today, many people actually use selling websites to look through the wide range of available properties, compare them, and then visit personally the ones they are interested the most. Therefore, consider selling your house online – marketing your home’s unique features is a good way to generate interest in it without spending too much money.

Deal only with professionals

Ask your friends, family members, and co-workers for references. The right agency is a professional and experienced service provider, ready to handle all your real estate matters in the best manner. The selling agents you deal with should not only have extensive market knowledge but also be honest and personable.

Get the best deals with Ready Flats

If you want to sell a house in London, Ready Flats team can assist you with selling a house privately and provide you with all the needed services. Should you be interested in any other services, contact us and we will gladly provide you with all the necessary information.

Write us to sell your own house today, and our agent will contact you to explore all your selling options, including strategy consulting, legal guidance, marketing, and cost of selling a house.

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